q Wild Crystal Quartz Slab, Wild Crystal Quartz Stone Slab
'Wild Crystal Quartz'

Quartz has been the most commonly used mineral since antiquity for making of jewellery & hardstone carvings in Eurasia. Quartz is available in several varities & many of them are semiprecious gemstones. The ancient Greek philosophers believed the mineral to be a form of super cooled ice & hence the name Crystal quartz.

Crystal quartz is the most widely used gemstone for purpose of creating positive energy & for meditation.It is a stone for harmony & balance.
Sparkle Gems Exotic offers aesthetically composed Wild crystal quartz slabs. Our slabs are made from specially selected raw materials having a combination of clear transparent Rock Crystal like appearance and white quartz texturing within the stones. The natural patterns & texture within the semiprecious stones impart a unique look  to the interiors – white in colour, very natural & subtly  luxurious. Our Wild Crystal quartz semiprecious slabs are highly translucent . When these slabs are backlit the ambience changes from understated luxury to vibrant glamour. Wild Crystal quartz slabs can create varying moods with different lighting effects.

  • Wild Crystal Quartz Slab
  • Wild Crystal Quartz Slab Backlit

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