Amethyst Slab
Crystal Agate
Crystal Agate ‘is a type of Agate containing geodes & crystalline materials. It is primarily white in colour with some light grey & fawn banding. This semiprecious stone is unique as it has rounded structure of Agates with white crystalline center with natural designs & formations.  

Our experienced team of stone selectors selects the most perfectly formed Crystal agate stones which are then put together as a single slab . Our special heavy duty machines then process the slabs to high luster & fine compaction. Our range of Crystal agate slabs are ideal for use as floors, wall cladding material, tables, countertops, vanities & all furniture applications. They are sought after by stone connoisseurs for their  touch of sophisticated class & subtle elegance. 
  • crystal agate backlit
  • Crystal Agate

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