Hardness:  7

Agate is a variety of Chalcedony group of the Quartz family & is found in a variety of colors & patterns.  Agate is well known for its concentric bands of color. The name Agate is derived from that of river Achates in Sicily, where, it is believed, agates were first found.

Popular Belief: Agate is a symbol of strength & Harmony & is said to give courage, energy, strength, victory over enemies, dispel fear & increase self confidence. It is the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Agates are said to treat headaches, dizziness & help in balance.

Hardness:  7

Amethyst is one of the most valuable semi precious stone from the quartz family. It is largely found in shades of pale violet to deep purple. The name Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek words a- (“not”) & methustos –(“intoxicated”) which means  “not intoxicated “.Amethyst was believed to protect  from intoxication.

Popular Belief: Amethyst symbolizes trust and piety. It has sobering and cleansing effect.  It is the birthstone associated with month of February.

Amethyst is said to alleviate migraines, strengthen immune systems and help in overcoming addictions

Crystal Quartz
Hardness:  7

The word Quartz comes from the Saxon word “Querkluftarz” which means cross vein ore. Others insist that the name Quartz comes from the German “Quarz” which is of Slovic Origin.Crystal is from the Greek word “Krystallos” which means ice.

Popular Belief:
Crystal Quartz is said to symbolize harmony & balance. It corresponds to all zodiac signs & is a pure & powerful energy source.It is said to stimulate brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for meditation.

It is said to be an overall health enhancer good for mind, body & spirit.

Green Aventurine Quartz
Hardness: 6.5 to 7

Green Aventurine Quartz is a variety of quartz ranging in colour from pale geen to dark green .Aventurine is a form of Quartz and the presence of platy mineral inclusions give it a shimmering or glistening effect termed aventurescence.

The name Aventurine derives from the Italian “ a ventura” meaning “to cometh”.This is an allusion to the lucky discovery of aventurine glass or Goldstone at some point in the 18th Century.

Popular Belief:Green Aventurine Quartz  is said to bring opportunity,give  good luck , enhance creativity & leadership qualities bring good fortune, money,abundance & overall happiness.

It is said to bring emotional tranquility and relieve anxiety.

Hardness:  7

Jasper is a fine grained variety of Chalcedony.
Red Jasper is characterized by predominantly red colour  The name Jasper  means “spotted stone”.Its is known to have been a favourite Gem stone in the ancient world. Its name can be traced back in Hebrew,Assyrian,Persian, Greek,Latin.

Popular Belief: Red Japer is said to be intensively protective stone which preserves positive energy.It is associated with relaxation, contentment, nurturing, compassion, completion , organization, fairness & justice.
Jasper is said to reduce stress ,increase mental processes and help treatment of  stomach disorders.


“Jasper Pollock”  is a rare Jasper named by us as a tribute to the legendary American artist ,Jackson Pollock.
Inspired by Mr. Pollock’s works, the gemstone with bold strokes of natural colourful bands is carefully selected by us and composed into surfaces of exquisite colours & unique beauty.

Hardness : 6-6.5

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral and is highly valued for its remarkable play of colour and iridescent optical effect known as labradorescence.
The name Labrodorite is derived from its early discovery in Labrador, Canada. Labradorite is also found in Norway and other locations around the world.

Popular Belief:
The Inuit people claim Labrodorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Labrodorite is said to be a stone of magic used by shamans, diviners & healers. It is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom and is used for awakening within the self mystical abilities and psychic power. It is said to protect against negativity and misfortune .It is also said to stimulate imagination , calm overactive mind and develop enthusiasm & new ideas. 

Lapis Lazuli
Moh’s Hardness: 5 – 5.5

Lapis Lazuli is a semiprecious stone prized since antiquity for its beautiful intense Blue colour.

Lapis has been mined in Afghanistan as early as 7th millennium BC & exported to other parts of the world. It has been traditionally used for jewelry , seals and for making Ultramarine – the finest & most expensive of all Blue pigments.

Lapis has been used in marble inlay work in beautiful monuments such as the Taj Mahal .Its Ultramarine pigments were used by some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance & Baroque periods.

The word Lapis is the Latin word for stone and Lazuli is the name of stone in Persian & also of a place where this stone was mined.

Popular Belief:
Lapis is a symbol of royalty and honour, Gods & power, Spirit & vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth . It is said to relieve anger & negative thoughts and provide calm & good judgement.

Petrified Wood
Hardness:  7

“Petro” means “rock” or “stone” in Greek. Petrified Wood is literally wood turned into stone. It is a type of fossil  consisting of fossil wood where all the organic matter has been replaced with minerals (most often a silicate, such as Quartz) while retaining the original structure of wood.

The pertification process occurs underground over a period of millions of years when wood becomes buried under sediments. Mineral rich water flowing through the sediments deposits minerals in the plant cells and as the plant cells decay away, a stone mould forms in its place. Some pieces retain the original cellular structure of wood thus tree rings can often be observed.
Petrified Wood though fragile is harder than Steel. It is known for its exquisite colours and details.The various colours are due to the presence of different minerals. The combination of wood and minerals gives it a unique beauty which is unmatched.

Petrified Wood is said to help in concentration,increasing focus and grounding.

Rose Quartz
Hardness:  7

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz and is found in colors of pale pink to rose red hues.
It is known as “Love Stone”- the stone of universal love.

Popular Belief: Rose quartz is said to be a stone from the heart & for the heart. This soothing, calming gem stone is said to promote love, balance & healing of emotional wounds.

Smoky Quartz
Hardness:  7

Smoky Quartz is  variety of Quartz  which is primarily Grey in colour. The colour  ranges from highly translucent grey  to brownish –grey  and even Black which is almost opaque .Smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland , a country with the longest historical association with this stone.

Popular Belief:
Smoky Quartz is said to be a stone of power that brings abundance , prosperity  and good luck. It is said to bring physical & psychic protection & protect from negative energy by converting it to positive energy.

Tiger's Eye
Hardness:  7

Tiger’s eye is a variety of quartz  formed from fine fibrous quartz .Tiger’s Eye crystals vary in colour from gold -yellow to gold -brown stripes against an almost black background giving it the look of tiger’s eye.

Popular Belief: Tiger’s Eye is a stone for protection & grounding. It is said to enhance integrity, will power, practicality & correct use of power, enhance good luck and bring prosperity by way of money.

Tiger’s Eye is said to aid in psychic abilities , enhance clarity  and promote concentration.

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